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My New Job as a Therapist

So, there I was, minding my own business and making a fair whack of trimming the grass when I thought I heard a familiar voice calling my name.

paddy, blog, equine-assisted-therapy,therapeutic-horse-riding, galway, horses-connectSure enough, when I looked up, there was the lady with the White Head who used to sit on my back and give me treats and cuddles.

I ambled over and was delighted that she remembered exactly where I like to be scratched. I trained her well! She seemed happy to see me.

There was another lady there with a Yellow Head and they were both petting and scratching me, which was very nice. They were saying nice things about me too. I believe the word used by the Yellow Head lady was ‘perfect’. I can’t argue with that!

They left and I went back to my job of trimming the grass, but the next day they came back and asked me to get in a lorry. I’m an obliging fellow so, even though it seemed a bit strange, I walked up the ramp and off we went.

Before long, the ramp was lowered and in came Realtog – a gent of a pony if ever I met one! He’s old and wise and was able to fill me in on what was happening, so I kind of knew what to expect when we arrived at the Horses Connect base in Bushypark, close to Galway city. I was going to be a Therapist!

The rest of that day was spent getting my feet trimmed and my legs and tail washed. People were fussing over me like they already knew how important I am!

blog, Paddy, equine-assisted-therapy, therapeutic-horse-riding, Galway, horsesconnect

I also met another pony called O’Malley. He told me that I would be getting loads and loads of TLC, but that I would have to be extra careful of the people on my back. I’m always extra-careful of the people on my back anyway, so that will be no bother to me!

O’Malley and Realtog said the White Head and the Yellow Head ladies will teach me what I blog, Paddy, equine-assisted-therapy, therapeutic-horse-riding, galway horses-connectneed to do to work as a Therapist with them.

I did a small bit of work on Saturday with a young man who was learning to lead. He was scared at first, and he thought I would step on him, but I’d never do that!

The big smile on his face when I walked and stopped and turned when he asked me was amazing!

Realtog and O’Malley said we don’t do any work from Saturday afternoon until Thursday afternoon – or sometimes Wednesday afternoon.

I think I’m going to like being a Therapist!

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