Horses Connect is a social firm based in Co. Galway.

With our horses and ponies, we create opportunities for you to work through challenges in a fun and effective way.

horses-connect-therapeutic-horse-riding-GalwayHorses Connect Enterprises was founded in 2014 by experienced horse-people and qualified Therapeutic Horse-riding coaches.

Eileen Bennett and Mary Mitchell are also qualified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators and EAGALA Certified Equine Specialists with qualifications and experience in Leadership, People Management, WRAP, CBT, Mindfulness, Special Needs Assistance, Business Analysis, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Personal Development, and much more.

We hold current First  Aid and Child Protection Certs and are Garda Vetted. We are listed on the National Register of Therapeutic Horse-riding coaches, and we are insured. We are also constantly up-skilling and deepening our knowledge.

Our services include Therapeutic Horsemanship, Equine-facilitated coaching and EAGALA Model Equine-assisted Personal Development and Psychotherapy.

Galway, horses-connect, therepy-with-horsesAll our services work through horses as a catalyst for change and are built from your specific goals. 

Programs are tailor-made to match the needs and goals of each individual  or group.

Some programs are ground-based and do not involve getting onto a horse and others are based around Therapeutic Horse-riding sessions.

It’s a fun, interactive and highly-effective way to work on specific issues, experiences or challenges.

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