About Horses Connect​

EAGALA horses and therapy

Horses Connect, based in Bushypark, just outside Galway city, is the West of Ireland’s only dedicated EAPD (Equine-assisted Personal and Professional Development) Centre.

EAPD is a globally recognized, innovative, effective means of helping individuals and groups to learn, grow and develop core skills like communication, teamwork and problem-solving.

All Horses Connect programs work experientially through horses as a catalyst for change and are built from client’s specific goals.

Clients include individuals with physical or intellectual challenges, family groups, corporate teams, schools and other organisations.

In other words, the Horses Connect team of qualified and experienced EAPD facilitators work with YOU to design and deliver a program of unique and powerful activities with our horses that will enhance your life and/or business.

Our Team

Our core values are
Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. These values provide the foundation
of all our work, and our interactions with the world.

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