Full Potential

Equine-assisted Corporate Training

Full PotentialThe Horses Connect FULL POTENTIAL program offers a range of themed equine-assisted Corporate Training (EACT) modules to help groups or individuals within a company to tackle challenges in a unique and powerful way by working through them in the company of horses.

Each session with the horses builds on the previous one and is designed to enable participants to first Recognise the real issue, then work on solutions to Resolve that issue, and finally practice those solutions to Consolidate the learning.

All work is ground-based – no horse-riding involved – and no experience of horses is necessary.

The practical sessions with horses are interspersed and supported by classroom-based discussions and informal conversations to create non-threatening, experiential learning opportunities for each participant. The FULL POTENTIAL Modules run from 8.30am- 12.30pm for up to 6 people, or full days for larger groups.

FULL POTENTIAL Modules include;

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Team-building
  • Critical Thinking
  • Conflict Resolution


Interaction with horses is recognised globally as a powerful and experiential tool that quickly breaks down barriers and changes behavioural patterns. Horses live in the present moment and only react to what they encounter, without judgment. They respond only to the energy presented to them, whether you are the CEO or the cleaner. 

Something magical happens when a typical 21st century person comes fully into the presence of a horse. The horse connects to the essence of the person or group and acts as a catalyst for positive change.

Working through horses to enhance professional development is a unique, engaging, exciting and highly-effective way to cut straight to the heart of any challenge and empower participants to find their own solutions and realise their FULL POTENTIAL.


The focus of all the activities during an EACT session is firmly on the horses and how they are behaving. This takes all pressure off any individual participant and allows the facilitators to help the group recognise patterns and themes, and to relate those back to real-life situations.

In a typical group EACT session, each person will be asked to get as close as they feel comfortable to the horses and simply introduce themselves. Often, they are then given a task not related to the horses in orderto encourage creative and resourceful thinking. (Example: build something that represents Leadership.) As this is going on, the facilitators are observing how the horses are mirroring the dynamics of the group.

Full PotentialThe next part of the task will involve an activity with the horses, such as leading them through an obstacle course. The Facilitators watch how the horses respond to the group as the task is carried out and feed back their observations in the classroom session.

While every EACT session is themed and starts out with a structure, the horses will very often take the process in a direction that leads participants the core of an issue. The facilitators are qualified and experienced to be able to quickly adapt activities to ensure that the maximum learning is achieved from each session.


“Apart from being a great team building exercise where we were all trying something new, working with the horses was a great tool for thinking about our work and talking together about how we do things. We still refer to the exercise when analysing our work. We also learnt a lot about each other in a short time, and got some fresh air just outside the city. It was a great way to shift perspective, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Donncha Foley, Development Manager, Galway Volunteer Centre (Volunteer Galway)

“Working with the horses was truly wonderful, bringing a lot of us out of our comfort zone, and it was interesting to see the dynamic with all our group and how we all helped each other out. … It’ s a great idea to get people out in the open, in such a different environment from their work place. We highly recommend.”

Ann Dunne, White Gables, Moycullen, Co Galway


Horses Connect is a Galway-based enterprise co-founded and run by Eileen Bennett and Mary Mitchell, both experienced horse-people.

Along with many other relevant qualifications, including Leadership, Personal Development and Train the Trainer. Mary and Eileen are qualified Equine-assisted Personal/Professional Development Facilitators, Advanced EAGALA* certified Equine Specialists, and Therapeutic Horse- Riding coaches.

*(EAGALA (Equine-assisted Growth and Learning Association) is the leading global non-profit organisation for professionals, incorporating horses to address mental health and personal development needs.

Horses Connect designs and delivers Equine-assisted Corporate Training courses, workshops and retreats to match the needs of the individual client.

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