Therapeutic Horse-riding

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Therapeutic Horse-riding is a goal-focussed intervention for people with a wide range of physical, emotional, cognitive and sensory disabilities.

Therapeutic Horse-riding sessions are delivered by professional, qualified Therapeutic Horse-riding Coaches. Sessions are one-to-one and each session is planned and structured to meet the needs of every individual rider.

After an initial assessment, and in consultation with other professionals if necessary (e.g. O.T., Physio, SLT  etc) the TR coach creates a plan to facilitate specific improvements in the rider

The goals set for each rider at the first session are continuously revisited and adjusted as the rider progresses

horses-connect-therapeutic-horse-riding-GalwayDuring a Therapeutic Horse-riding session, the coach constantly checks and corrects the rider’s alignment and balance to ensure that he/she is getting maximum physical benefit from the session.

At the same time, the rider is being gently challenged to work on other goals, such as communication skills, literacy and numeracy, social skills, sensory awareness and behavioural issues.

Therapeutic Horse-riding sessions are carried out using a roller and pad, or bareback, rather than in a saddle so that the full impact of the horse’s movement and warmth can positively influence the rider’s body

The multi-dimensional movement of the horse’s hips and pelvis works on the rider’s balance, posture, tone, core strength, and body and spatial awareness etc.

As the rider interacts with and responds to the horse’s movement, therapy goals can be met more swiftly and efficiently than through more traditional methods.

Therapeutic Horse-riding does not involve teaching mainstream riding skills.

The horse or pony is always led by a trained and competent person. One or more trained and competent side-walkers may also be involved, if necessary.

Galway, therapeutic horse-ridingEach individual on the ground during a Therapeutic Horse-riding session has a specific role – Coach, Leader, Side-walker, Session Helper.

Therapeutic Horse-riding sessions are designed to be fun, inclusive and progressive.


Initial assessment then €40 per 30-minute private session

Sponsored places are available from time to time

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