How You Can Help us

  •  Arrive on time (not too early!) and let us know asap if you have been delayed or need to cancel. We fully understand that things can change quickly, but it really helps us and our volunteers if you keep us informed.
  •  Please do not hang around after your session has finished. It upsets all our Child Protection, Confidentiality,  Health and Safety, and scheduling processes.

Trust Us We Know What We Are Doing!

  • If you’re bringing siblings or friends to an individual session, please keep them quiet and safe. The person involved in the session cannot get full benefit if they are distracted.
  • Please bear in mind that not every animal in the yard likes to be approached or petted and we cannot provide supervision while we’re working. Play it safe!
  • Unless the person you have brought really needs you to be involved – or if the coach asks for your help – the greatest benefit comes from them working only with the coach. (less distractions, voices and instructions etc)